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Children's Programs

Community Alliance Church values every individual who is part of this congregation, regardless of their stage of life. It is our hope that every child who participates in our programs, whether on a Sunday morning, or throughout the week, is brought closer to Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s my first time attending Community Alliance Church. What should I do?

We are glad you are joining us! Please ask one of our greeters for assistance to register your child before service.

  • Is childcare provided during service?

Yes, free childcare is provided for newborns through 4th grade. Newborns through Pre-Kindergarten can go to their programs at any time. Other children will remain in service until after musical worship and a short children’s message have concluded. You are welcome to join them as they are escorted to Children’s Church downstairs.

  • Can children remain in service?

Children are always welcome to remain in service! Parents or guardians of children who are more self-expressive are also welcome to listen to the service from our Parent Viewing Room. 

  • What is Children’s Church like?

 Children’s Church offers child age appropriate learning about God, as well as an opportunity to play with their peers.

  • How do you notify parents or guardians of an issue with their child in the classroom?

Our volunteers will notify you in person or via text message of any issues. 

  • What sorts of snacks do you serve children?

We serve children healthy, allergy sensitive snacks only. If you have a specific concern, please inform the teacher.

  • Do you change diapers or help children in the bathroom?

Children who are old enough to use the restroom by themselves will be escorted by our volunteers. If there is a need for a diaper change, we will notify you in service.

  • What do you do with the children in the event of an emergency evacuation of the facility?

 Children will be escorted to the parking lot by their teachers, where they will be reconnected with their parents.

  • Can I attend Children’s Church with my child?

We encourage parents and guardians to meet the teachers and see the classrooms where their children will be learning. However, Community Alliance Church follows a SafePlace policy that only permits trained volunteers with background checks to be in classrooms with children. Parents who are uncomfortable leaving their children are welcome to observe from our Parent Viewing Room. 

  • How do you protect children from predators in your programs?

Community Alliance Church follows a SafePlace policy that requires training and background checks for all of our volunteers, and at least two volunteers in the vicinity at all times.  Only these volunteers are permitted to be in classrooms with children during service. Additionally, we only allow parents or their designates to pick up children.

  • Can I nurse my child in service?

Yes, nursing mothers are welcome to remain in service. The service can also be heard in our Parent Viewing Room.